We offer the following services:

Project management:

  • Project management for construction projects
  • External management for EU-financed projects

Engineering activities for construction:

  • Securing input data and reference materials for project placement
  • Construction documentation hearings with state authorities and other involved parties
  • Assurance of construction permits (land use and construction permitting processes)
  • Assurance of occupancy permits including all required permits

Construction and technical supervision

  • Construction and technical supervision for civil engineering works
  • Construction and technical supervision for engineering projects
    • Transportation structures
    • Bridges and tunnels
    • Hydrological construction projects
    • Piping, electrical cabling and other linear utility structures
    • Complex industrial construction projects
    • Geo-technical activities
  • Construction and technical supervision for technical, technological and utility installation projects
    • Sanitary equipment
    • Heating and air conditioning equipment
    • Electro-technical equipment
    • Thermal equipment
    • Gas equipment
    • Technical production equipment

Project finances and management

  • Completing rough estimates and calculations of project costs
  • Completing line item budgets for projects and bills of materials
  • Completing production calculations
  • Expertise and assessment activities in the field of project costs
  • Bid analysis and assessment
  • Completion of project schedules
  • Final project technical and financial assessment

Design activities

  • Technical and financial studies for project preparations
  • Projects for simple and small structures
  • Measurement and completion of as-built documentation for construction projects
  • Construction organization projects
  • Occupational health and safety plans for construction sites pursuant to Decree 396/2006 Coll.
  • Documentation for discovery process pursuant to Act No. 24/2006 Coll. on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Public tenders

  • Activities entrusted to professional competent parties in public tenders as a representative of the contracting authority
  • Elaboration of tender conditions and the tender dossier for selecting a project contractor

Other activities

  • Completing manuals for using projects
  • Completing operational and handling rules and regulations
  • Registry administration, document administration and archiving